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Regional Directors of the Americas

Wyly and Candace Gammon serve in San Pedro Sula, Honduras promoting and training children’s ministry and community evangelism. They are working with community transformation projects that include feeding programs for children, clean water and disease prevention, micro-enterprise businesses, and education for the poorest children. Their main focus remains, training and establishing children’s ministry in local churches and bringing awareness to the spiritual education for children. Malachi 4:5-6 is the driving force of their ministry!

Go To Nations global missions work started in Latin America.  Daniel & Sharon Williams, founders of Go To Nations, joined five other missionary families already serving in San Jose, Costa Rica to start a bible school called Cristo Al Mundo (Christ To The World) in January of 1983.  Within a seven year period, other Cristo Al Mundo Bible Schools were established in Ecuador, Mexico, and Guatemala causing a tremendous spiritual impact on Central America through the school’s 10,000 graduates. From these humble beginnings, Go To Nations has grown into a worldwide missions sending agency.


Go To Nations in Mexico

In August 1988, John and Judy Whitener, along with another couple and Armando Rhon left Cristo Al Mundo in Ecuador to establish a Bible School in Guadalajara, Mexico. In a short time a team was formed with two other missionaries who lived in Mexico and with others coming from the United States.  Plans were made, classes prepared and assigned, meetings held, pastors met and a date set for the beginning of Cristo Al Mundo, Guadalajara, Mexico.  The beginning classes were held in a salon used for parties and large dinners.  The first student enrollment exceeded 200 students.

As time passed a permanent building was secured with dormitories, a dining room and class space.  The team moved into this purchased property where it taught students from all over Mexico for the next eight years.  Then an “Unexpected Guest arrived,”  REVIVAL.

For a period of seven days the classes had to be canceled as the students were inundated with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This period of unsuspected renewal launched new ministries.  One teacher felt the Lord to direct him to form a church, thus leaving Cristo Al Mundo and launching out in a new ministry that has reached many cities in Mexico as well as South America. Another began to travel from village to city, heralding that a fresh anointing had arrived. For eight years he traveled throughout the country.  Meanwhile, several of the original founders remained strongly committed to the vision of the Institute. 

In due time, those instructors who remained felt the Lord leading them to transfer the Institute from Guadalajara to Durango, Mexico.  This would leave a large “vacuum” in a city of ten million people, one in which the Lord filled with another Bible Institute named ‘Fire From Heaven’. To date ‘Fire From Heaven’ has continued the mandate by providing a neutral place where the Holy Spirit and the Word, co-joined together in divine harmony, are given the freedom to produce workers for the Great Harvest.

Hundreds have graduated from its two-year program and many have become effective workers in the harvest as missionaries, pastors and productive church laymen. With the main student body in Guadalajara, now there is a branch in Chapala about thirty miles from the city. The work marches forward and the clarion call is loud and clear, “Those who are willing to climb aboard the ‘potters wheel’ and be molded into a useful vessel for His glory are welcome to come and be changed.”


Go To Nations in Guatemala

In 1988, GTN established a Cristo AL Mundo Bible School in Guatemala City with Don Sims pioneering the work.  A team of new missionaries were assembled from the States and one team member from Peru.  In 1990, the bible school was turned over to another ministry and remained fruitful for several years.

In 1996, GTN missionaries started the first field training for new missionaries in Guatemala, which has evolved into our 10.5 week Timothy Internship Program conducted in West Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and the island nation of Cyprus, where hundreds of missions candidates and new missionaries have learned the fundamentals of missionary life and work. The Timothy Internship is the second phase of our Equipping Track for new missionaries.

In 1999, Mike Deborah Turner started the construction of a Ministry Base in Peten, Guatemala, and Dr. George and Janet Meyers helped to oversee the completion of it. This base served GTN for over a decade for hosting short-term mission teams, internships, special medical clinics, children’s ministry and the hub for community transformation projects and ministry to unreached tribes in Northern rural Guatemala. After staff changes and the Lord’s leading, GTN gave the property to Hospital Shalom in 2013 because they were better positioned to reach Northern Guatemala and needed our facilities. We sowed this million dollar facility in faith that it was the seed we had been praying for to help propel GTN to possess the harvest globally.


Go To Nations in Columbia

In 1998 Wyly & Candace Gammon moved to Medellin, Colombia to establish a children’s ministry in a local church.  They worked there for four years and established a Children’s Church with over 500 children, and an annual Training Conference for ministers to children which has birthed over 1,000 ministries to children, and the REFUGE which is a ministry for children at extreme risk.


Go To Nations in Honduras

Wyly and Candace relocated to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Colombia and have established strong feeding programs to at-risk children, clean water projects, training for children’s ministries, private Christian Schools, aquaponics projects, and a large agriculture project growing food and providing training for young adults in agriculture and business.

The mission team in San Pedro Sula continues to grow and extend its influence within the community. They host many short-term mission teams throughout the year and have established the Honduras School of Ministry which is empowering people to spread the gospel throughout Latin America and beyond.


Go To Nations in Peru

Sharon Malcolm has been living her dream and pioneering a work on the Shishinahua River in Peru since 2007. She, together with trained workers, one of which is Maria, a Shawi Indian who attended YWAM, travels up and down the Shishinahua River by canoe or boat to reach these tribes. They present the Gospel message hand in glove with community development projects that improve the quality of life for the villagers. Now today, Sharon and her team has led many to Christ and is continuing discipleship and church planting.

Since 2013, they had a breakthrough in bringing Shawi Indians, potential Shawi leaders, and new Christians in from their villages to Yurimaguas for 3-day and 3-week trainings once a quarter where they received sound instruction and personal ministry. The plan is for this to continue annually in order to mentor and train potential pastors and leaders to reach their communities and neighboring communites with the Gospel. 

Sharon has short-term teams that come year after year to help her build water filters, brick stoves, do personal ministry, medical clinics, and the list goes on.  As a result, these unreached villages along the river are getting saved, discipled, churches are being planted, and they are reaching out to neighboring villages with the Gospel, all because one woman said “Here am I, send me!” 


The Americas Vision

We see the church of Latin America as an incredible resource for the end time harvest. We are focusing on children and youth at risk, and inspiring the next generation of these Christian leaders to evangelize the globe. Poverty seeks to destroy humanity, corrupt the populace, and eliminate the vision of Christians for world evangelism. If the sleeping giant, the church of Latin America, wakes up to the Great Commission we will see this task completed in our lifetime.

The integration of the spiritual and physical is our road to transforming this region into a powerful sending force of missionaries, to bring this world into the knowledge of the salvation of Jesus Christ. The gospel demands that we preach the good news to the poor, but we must also contend for the miracle works of Jesus while we preach. We must demonstrate the good news through reaching out to meet the social needs of the community. Luke 7:22 And he answered them, “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor have good news preached to them. And blessed is the one who is not offended by me. Jesus calls us to flow in the supernatural while meeting the physical needs of the people. Matthew 15:32-38 demonstrates the supernatural in meeting the needs of the people. Jesus chooses this way to answer John the Baptist and lists 5 types of supernatural workings and includes a sixth which is the good news being preached to them.

In the Latin American region, we are pressing towards the goal of working the supernatural works of Jesus and preaching the good news to the poor. We are preaching through feeding programs, Christian schools, farming projects and Bible schools in order to show the power of God to change lives.  1Cor 2:4 “And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God”.  Our goal, as leaders of this region, is to train and motivate those who sense the call to missions to go forth in the power of the spirit to demonstrate the supernatural God that we serve, bring those who haven’t heard into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and inspire an entire region to GO into the world with this same message.