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Go To Nations Missionaries to the Philippines
2006 & 2010 Graduates of Christ For The Nations as International Students

It was in 2000 when Jesse and Kay Landis came to Iloilo, Philippines, both graduates of Christ For The Nations Institute. As a young couple on fire for Jesus, they brought Camp Sonsine to the Philippines. Nomil was a 13 year old boy and one of the camp staff. Jesse and Kay treated him as their own, knowing that he grew up abandoned, and neglected, which brought him so much trouble, and confusion. Jesse and Kay, with the Father's unconditional love, embraced Nomil and taught him firmness, discipline, and order. Little did he know that Jesse and Kay had a desire for him to go through Christ For The Nations Institute and had been praying for him.

When Nomil was only 17 years old, he was one of only thirteen admitted to CFNI among thousands of international students who had applied. After his schooling, he trained with Camp Sonshine in the United States, and then went to Florida to attend Go To Nations Missionary Preparation and Orientation Training. Nomil knew he needed to apply all that he had learned to his own people so he went back to Camp Sonshine Phippines in Iloilo.

Nomil had been praying for Valerie, a young woman who had been attending the same local church as he. Serving God together in their local church bonded them in a lasting friendship and they both realized they had the same heart for the lost. In December of 2008 they got married and in 2009, they were both given Christ For The Nations scholarships that gave them an opportunity to study and live together as one. 

Through their time at CFNI, many things were revealed to them that brought both of them to a resolve in serving God back in their home country of the Philippines. Nomil completed his studies in Pastoral Leadership and Valerie studied Worship and Technical Arts. After graduating from CFNI, they attended a training in LA with Pastor Nil and Nida Fernandez and then attended MPO together in preparation for their missionary work.

Returning to the Philippines, they completed their field school through the Timothy Internship Program with Go To Nations. With all of the training and investment of CFNI and GTN, and the leaders God has placed in their lives, the Adorada's are reaching out to thousands of children in the Philippines, teaching them the love and security in Christ. They are training up 40 children's ministry leaders and providing education for local children so that they can have a better chance in life with being given hope and a sense of direction for their futures. They are fulfilling their God given purpose of paying it forward, sharing the Gospel with their people in the Philippines, equipping each of them to reach other nations for Christ.