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titles listed alphabetically

AUTHORIZED: Essential Prayer Strategies for an Unprecedented Hour

by Craig Kuehn

Authorized excites your spirit to apply the truth in faith. The lessons contained are strategic, practical, and transformational as you pray "Your Kingdom Come". Your Kingdom Come is one of the most powerful prayers in scripture because it is the government, the rulership, and the reign of the Almighty that authorizes all we do in prayer. He has authorized us, His Church, to claim His rightful inheritance in the nations (Psalm 2:8) so that the mountain of the Lord shall be established over all other mountains (Zechariah 8:3). NOW IS THE TIME! It is the time to move higher and higher from the day to day battles you face, to the strategies, weapons, keys, and Kingdom authority Heaven reveals. What you now have in your hand are Prayers of Declaration, each drawn directly from Scripture, that you can speak over your family, your ministry, your business partners, your government, and the nations. "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven" is what we are authorized to go after!


by Kay Landis

Carrying A Dream tells the journey of a group of dreamers who decided to follow their God-given dream, despite hardships and challenges. Experience their struggles and victories as they pursue to establish Camp Sonshine Center, a place of hope for street children. As the story unfolds, be encouraged to expect and pursue God's dream for you!

EDEN INC: God's Global Plan for Enterprise

by Jason Benedict

Eden Inc presents a practical theology for enterprise. The book explores God's global enterprise mandate beginning with the Garden of Eden and continuing to present. You will discover that business was God's idea, and that it plays an essential role in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. The book will help affirm, equip and empower christian business leaders to be champions in the marketplace, and will help pastors understand how to better shepherd their marketplace champions!

ENEMIES AT THE GATE: Overcoming the 5 Most Common Demonic Entities Attacking Believers Today

by Nancy Lovelace

There is an unseen war connected to the visible contentions you see in YOUR life every day. As you learn to identify what hindrances are at work and how to overcome them through Christ, you will walk through the next gate and into the victorious future the Lord has prepared for you. By overcoming, you will help others overcome, and our communities will grow stronger as a result. It's time to GO THROUGH YOUR GATE!

GATEWAYS TO DESTINY: Practical Principles for Possessing Your Promised Land

by Jason Benedict

We all yearn for paradise, but we need purpose. A paradise without purpose is no paradise at all. Human beings need meaning, purpose, and a destiny-fulfilling adventure. Your promised land exists—it’s a place of inheritance, ownership, destiny, fulfilled purpose, and prosperity. But how do you get there? Possessing your promised land takes intentionality, teamwork, wisdom, and more. This book is a collection of biblical principles that will help you navigate into that destiny. Far from being merely theoretical, these pages are filled with practical, real-world wisdom and strategies that you can begin implementing today.

GEORGE H. MEYERS: His Remarkable Life Story

by Janet Meyers

Dr. George H. Meyers was a father and mentor – a true general in world missions with a large network of business and missionary colleagues all over the world. His work experience in the U.S. and abroad included various aspects of management and executive leadership in commercial companies, educational institutions, mission organizations, international development agencies, and the military. His PhD in Business Management, specializing in International Affairs and Development, provided a global perspective for effective missions work in diverse settings. He was passionate about community development work to lift people out of poverty and hopelessness. His legacy is his love for lifelong learning and the heritage he has left for his family and friends. He met Janet, his wife of 57 years, in their church youth group. As a dynamic team they were committed to the task of world evangelization and used their wealth of training and experience in international service to help fulfill the Great Commission.

GRANDAD'S MONEY CAMP: Transferring Grandad's Wisdom to Future Generations

by George Meyers

Learner-centered, multi-generational training tool for grandparents, parents and mentors to train young people in principles for managing money and making wise life choices.

HAVING DONE ALL, STAND: A Mother's Journey Through a Broken Adoption

by Sheila Conley

Having Done All, Stand captures the real-life story of an adoptive family struggling to care for their mentally-ill son. Follow their journey as they navigate through the aftermath of trauma and abuse suffered during their son's most crucial years of development that resulted in a deep depression, overwhelming fear, uncontrollable rage, and maladaptive coping skills. Gripping and entirely honest, this book shares the side of adoption that is rarely spoken about openly. It provides a glimpse into the world of mental-illness while expressing the heart of a steadfast and devoted mother who is determined to stand firm in the midst of her family's darkest days.

MY DESERT, MY GIFT: How Obedience Can Turn Your Wilderness Season Into a Blessing

by Shawna Elizabeth

God has plans for your life beyond your wildest imagination. Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fullness of what God has for you? God is calling you on a journey and the fist step is obedience. It may lead you out of your comfort zone and through the desert, but along the way you will find the treasure of His favor that makes the journey worth it. This book is my story. It is the culmination of the times when I was able to say yes to God and the times when I struggled to follow Him. My story will encourage you that even your weakest “yes” can be used by God. Even in the times that I followed God reluctantly, He blessed my obedience. He led me to places that were beyond what I could have planned for myself. In the end, the rewards of your obedience always outweigh the cost.


by Jason Benedict

The Proper English Flea is a whimsical story in verse. It tells of the unintentional adventures of a reclusive and cautious flea. The story encourages a spirit of discovery and friendship and introduces new vocabulary.

THE PULSE OF A NATION: Sound the Alarm

by Dr. Jerry Williamson

Is the American Church in trouble? Has the American Church abandoned many of the fundamental principles that were imparted to them? This growing global concern for the American Church did not start recently. Over three decades ago, the late David Watson, a Christian leader from Great Britain, predicted that by the close of the twentieth century Christianity in the West would probably be too self-indulgent to be a global factor. It is time for the true body of Christ to rise up and no longer give in to being a product or participant of our current moral declining society. Dr. Jerry Williamson has put his finger on the "pulse" of the Western Church. His diagnosis is accurate, well articulated, and documented. The cure is equally clear and achievable if the Church has the discipline and will to apply his prescription. DON'T READ THIS BOOK...unless you want to be convicted, challenged, and changed! 


by Janet Meyers

The Seasons of My Life is the story of one woman’s memories of everyday life, from her upbringing on a farm in Wisconsin, through her forty-plus years of missionary ministry with her husband on three continents, and into her new phase of service without her life partner. It is a sequel to George H. Meyers, His Remarkable Life Story, published in 2016, describing his humble beginnings, multifaceted career, international travels, and life pursuits. The narrative of Janet’s autobiography continues the recounting of their international missionary adventures together, with emphasis on her perspective and the marriage and family values they champion. Their three children gave significant input with their recollection of happenings in which they were part of the story. Reviewing her journals and researching past communications has required the emotional impact of reliving the 57 years of their marriage and eight decades of her life.

THE SOUND OF RUSHING WATERS: A Prophetic Call to Embrace the Great Commandment in Order to Fulfill the Great Commission

by Dr. Daniel Williams

The Sound of Rushing Waters is a prophetic call to every segment of the Body of Christ to fully embrace the Great Commandment for the purpose of fulfillment of the Great Commission. Unity with redemptive purpose is the focal point of the book. Biblical and historical mandates and models for increased collaborative effort are examined. The center piece of this work is the fulfilment of the prayer of Jesus in John 17:21, that we would "be one" so that through our unity with God and one another "the world may know".