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Go To Nations exists to initiate and accelerate missions ministry on a global scale until every tribe, every tongue, and every nation has heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Go To Nations, in partnership with the body of Christ, trains leaders to change nations, ignites the fires of evangelism, brings hope to the hurting, and plants strong national churches. This is accomplished through our worldwide missionary field force and through increasing the ministry capabilities of individuals, churches and ministries globally.



This ministry belongs to God. We are stewards of Go To Nations. We are here to serve him and bring him glory.


We equip others for the mission. We rejoice with the success of others.


Go To Nations is not about building a ministry. It is about completing a mission.


It is not about personal kingdom building. It's working together for his glory. It does not matter who gets the credit.


Go To Nations missionaries and national staff of more than 1,700 workers serve in every region of the world;  The Americas, Eurasia, Africa & the Middle East, Asia, and Asia Pacific. Ministry includes; evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, equipping churches and nationals for cross cultural missions, Bible schools, literacy and education programs, Business as Mission, arts and entertainment, children and youth ministry, orphan and elderly care, disaster relief, community development work, and ministry to victims of human trafficking.
Go To Nations has seen an increasing shift in our ministry focus since 2012, bringing four distinct areas of ministry to the forefront of all that we do. We are addressing these four focal points by further equipping the next generation of leaders and putting a strategy in place to intentionally ramp up our effectiveness.


Ministry to children, youth, and women - most of whom are considered vulnerable and at-risk


Ministry to mobilize national missionaries into the harvest as co-laborers


Ministry to the poor through community transformation and the Gospel presented hand in glove


Ministry to help missionaries lead confidently, with clarity, and direction through fresh impartation, coaching and team ministry


There are 7,040 unreached people groups in the world, which is approximately 3.14 billion people who have never heard or have access to the gospel.1 An unreached people group defined as “a people group within which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians able to evangelize to this people group” (536). There are 22,000 children who die each day do to poverty, 3 805 million people worldwide who do not have enough food to eat, 4 780 million people do not have access to safe drinking water,5 and globally at least 750 million youth and adults still cannot read and write and 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills.6 According to United Nations Children's Fund, 640 million children are without adequate shelter (1 in 3), 270 million are with no access to health services (1 in 7) and 15 million children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS which is the same population of the United Kingdom. Referring to the United States' State Department 600-800 thousand people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children. Finally, Leadership Development is a foundational part of our organization because it isn’t just an investment in an individual, but it’s an investment in the organization. Townson University notes, when an employee feels invested in, retention increases, teams become more productive and alliances are built throughout an organization.


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Dr. Jerry Williamson 


Go To Nations is all about people – people like you. We exist because you exist.  Go To Nations is a servant-ministry, helping ordinary people use their God-given callings and abilities to impact the world for Christ in extraordinary ways.  Go To Nations has helped hundreds of thousands of people to step into a whole new dimension of living for God that they had never dreamed was possible.

How can Go To Nations help you fulfill your God-given destiny?  You are special . . . you are unique . . . and you were not created to simply conform to the mundane.  You were created to help impact eternity – and on a worldwide scale.  Whether you are a pastor, a plumber, a dentist, a school teacher, a home-maker, or a young adult just starting to explore what is ahead in life, God has a role for you to play in reaching the world for Christ.  Go To Nations exists to help make that happen.  Are you ready to step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary?