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PF900GLODEV: Relief & Development

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Project Details
Tags: Africa, Asia, Eurasia, The Americas

GloDev Inc. (Global Development) facilitates the transformation of whole communities in the poorest regions of the world through relief and development projects. They develop sustainable resources that empower the poor to provide a better life for their families. Their model is based on a new paradigm in development work. They believe the global poor are very capable of helping themselves. They just need some principles to get them going. 

When development practitioners work alongside field practitioners committed to lifting whole communities physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, there is lasting change and the indigenous people own the change. Decades of development work is proving this to be the only model that yields lasting results. GloDev believes in the proverb; "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for life".

Glodev uses science, biology, and technology that can be reproduced in developing nations resulting in sustainability among the poor. They have developed two kinds of systems using aquaponics and permaculture; one we call "Sustainable Microfarm" and is used at orphanages providing nutrition and free enterprise, the other called the "Living Lab" and is to be used in elementary schools teaching students sustainability and food production in their environment. Sustainable Microfarm and Living Lab are creative property of Glodev Inc. All other use is prohibited.

GloDev works by:

Envisioning Progress - help indigenous people see and learn new ways of doing things.
Empowering People - remove obstacles and promote lasting change through local ownership
Encouraging Genius - focus on the community’s strengths and help the people grasp their potential
Ending Poverty - create sustainable projects that can be owned and maintained self-reliantly by indigenous communities

Our guiding principles:

Build strong covenant relationships.
Release the development process to the people.
Walk in Truth and Integrity
Work with a Spirit of Excellence
Serve humanity with Honor and Dignity

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